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Distribution IT Solutions

Avacorp Distribution Solutions provide the products, services, and tools necessary to deliver critical information, track assets, and manage the logistics your distribution center. Our WiFi-RFID asset tracking and data collection system allows for seamless tracking and management of assets in real time. Avacorp offers a full line of RFID tracking solutions including all necessary networking, switching, and IT infrastructure components necessary. Avacorp offers a wide variety of barcode reading equipment and the corresponding inventory / point of sale systems necessary to maintain realtime asset tracking solutions. Contact your Avacorp representative to learn more about the cost effective, realtime, asset tracking solution that fits your needs and budget. Other Avacorp offerings include:

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  • Technology Consulting Services; We’ll investigate your business, take inventory of your current capabilities, and design a Technology Plan to achieve your goals.
  • Audio and Video Solutions; Whole house audio, media centers, theaters, conference rooms, automated controls, internet interface controls
  • Communication Solutions; VoIP, WiFi-VoIP, complete telephony systems
  • Premises Cabling and Wiring
  • Bandwidth and Broadband Solutions; Data circuits from DSL to T1 and up
  • Networking Solutions; Wired and Wireless; Indoor or Outdoor, LANs, WANs, WiMAX, WiFi, Wireless Meshed
  • Computing Solutions
  • Communications Solutions; VoIP and WiFi VoIP
  • Data Collection and Bar Coding Solutions
  • Asset Tracking; AutoID, RFID, WiFi-RFID, WiFi-RFID (on or off grid), Real Time Location Systems
  • Data Storage and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Interior Environmental Automation Solutions
  • Security Systems; Intrusion, Fire, Access Control, and Video
  • Surveillance Solutions; (accessible via secure login from any internet browser)
  • Digital Signage; including installation, content design, networked content management
  • Avacorp is a certified license Unrestricted Low Voltage Contractor; our Low Voltage License number is available upon request and we are fully bonded and insured.
  • Avacorp Superstore provides a great post-installation resource for all supplies and components necessary for ongoing operations and future future expansion.

Avacorp is a “One Source,” end to end, information technology solutions provider. We combine our expertise, superior workmanship, “best in class” components, and comprehensive post-installation service offerings to create a full portfolio of information technology solutions to help any logistics facility meet it’s technology goals.

Do you already have equipment, but need installation help? System augmentation? Repair work? Need someone to “straiten out” the mess left behind by another technology contractor? We do all that and more! We welcome the opportunity to serve you, whether you buy your equipment from us, or not. Click here to learn more.

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